Georgia Agalina Liles

Wife, Mother, and Great Person

Mom Was An Artist Well Ahead Of Her Time

Mom Was An Artist! - Well, not formally trained but she could make the neatest things out of...well...other peoples junk!

The Wall-Phone Radio!

She found the telephone in Arkansas and took out the innards... replacing them with a vacuum tube radio...  It worked fine but we were always a little afraid of it!

Oh... the ringer..... Paul took it to junior high school and wired it to the gymnasium door handles and just about killed the football coach!  We had NO idea that when cranked real fast, it would put out nearly 150 volts!  Sure was good for getting the worms out of the ground when you needed bait!

She could make a radio out of anything!

The Glass Bowl (Antique Streetlight)

In the 1930's, Los Angeles had a lot of street lights with the electric bulb inside a 30" diameter glass bowl.   Mom found one in the last 1950's and in 1962, she dug it out!  For a few weeks prior to that mom collected colored glass... bottles, anything!  Then one afternoon, she began putting the glass inside boxes and beating them with a hammer... I thought sure she had lost her mind!

When she was done, she began to put the broken glass segments on the large glass bulb using a form of cement/grout!  When she was done, she had her version of a stained glass lamp...we still have it today!!!

Superman Costume

Superman The year is 1955 and Superman was the hero.  George Reeves was king of the sky.  It was Halloween time and of course I needed a costume.

Mom went to work and within a few hours created the neatest costume ever...  Superman complete with a red flowing cape and blue tights and the symbol!

I wore it to school since Halloween was on a weekend that year and Mom's phone nearly went off the hook with parents calling her to find out where she go it, would she made another one, etc. etc.

The Walls Came Tumbling Down