Del Mar Racetrack Adventure 2007

A Day At The Races... GiddyUp Horsey

We Arrived Safely& Tummies Full (Page Two)

A Tad Blurry

We Are Off

A Long Bus Ride
Come on buss... I wanna bet on the horsies

Where Is Mike???

Where Is Mike???

Where Is Mike???

Have A Seat... They Are About To Run A Race

Great Seats   Good Crowd

Robin and Bob!   Delores Does The Handicapping

Wow!   Picking The Winner

We Will Help With The Big Words!   Ah! He Broke The Code

Winners   Winners

Nice View   Here Come The Horsies

Moving Fast   Down The Track

Mike And The Boss   Tractor Tipping Anyone??

Raeading The Form   Relaxed Bob!

Wide Screen TV   Here They Come Again!

Go Horsey Go!

He Got One

Happy Guy!   Tales From The Past

1938   Real Money

Del Mar 1938   Today They Let De Lara In??? Go Figure
We were posted

That Would Be Us   Robin and Bob

Fat Boy!

Where is that rascal Paul??

Go!   Tractors
Go tractor go


Tractor Herds   Duck Racecourse

Mike   Girls

What Is He Thinking?   Girls

Popcorn and Beer???


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