2008 Del Mar Racetrack Adventure 2008

A Day At The Races... GiddyUp Horsey

Del Mar Adventure 2008 (Page One)

It was so much fun in 2007 that we did it again! See the racing program we used for today in PDF format. 

Del Mar from the air circa 2007. We are right on the ocean so the afternoons are cool!

Departure From Fullerton Page Two

Departing Fullerton Station at 9:00 am Saturday

Dining At The Tidewater Tavern Page Three

Dining at the Tidewater Tavern
is an experience one has to participate in!

At The Races Page Four

After betting our last nickel we headed to the buss for the ride to the train station and home!

Heading For Home Page Five

Everybody has a great time!  See the other heading home pictures .

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