We Heard Howling All Night!

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Wolfman Jack

Robert Weston (Bob) Smith (21 January 1938 – 1 July 1995) was a gravelly-voiced disc jockey who became world famous in the 1960s and 1970s under the stage name of Wolfman Jack.

Wolfman L.A. 50's Radio (AM naturally). In memory of perhaps the most renown 50's music DJ to ever air on radio. He started his professional career with WYOU- Newport News, VA in 1960.  Wolfman Jack--indisputably the world's most famous DJ--was the master of ceremonies for the rock 'n' roll generation of the '60s on radio. By 1965, Wolfman Jack had moved to a new base of operations, XERB-AM, another power-pumping clear channel radio station located across the border on Mexico's Baja peninsula, at Rosarita Beach, near Tijuana.

All Night Radio

Wolfman Jack Born in Brooklyn, Smith was a fan of disc jockey Alan Freed who helped to turn African-American rhythm and blues into rock and roll music. Freed originally called himself the "Moondog" after New York City street musician Moondog.

Freed both adopted this name and used a recorded howl to give his early broadcasts a unique character.

Smith's adaptation of the Moondog theme was to call himself Wolfman Jack and add his own sound effects.

The character was based in part on the manner and style of bluesman Howling Wolf.

We Howled For Us

Wolfman Jack

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