Education Was Amazing In The 1950s

We Were Taught Well!

My Education Started in 1949

We had schools all  around the area and mine were all with in walking distance.

Elementary School Was Shenandoah

The school was already "old" and was two stories tall with a great unseen basement (you will have to read about it).  I met long term friends there who I still talk to after 65 years!   Joel Prell and Gil Segal are still quite alive and kicking and live in West LA.

Junior High School  Was Louis Pasteur

It was a concrete fortress with several two story buildings but it also had bungalow's after the war.  That was the first place I went to a sock hop!   I began to change during these years and did "my thing" instead of going with the flow.

High School  Was Alexander Hamilton

Another oldie but goodie complete with a three story brick building that still exists.  The old cafeteria had to be taken sown after an earthquake in the 1970s. It was a transitional time for me; I followed my desires and not those of my long time friends.  I have many memories of that time in life.

50th High School Reunion

We got back together after 50 years and had a good time.