Paul's Politics

I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it.

Warning! No Patience For Liberals Here!

Warning Sign
Left is the WRONG direction!

Warning... You are entering Conservative Land from this point forward!  Not for the faint of heart, politically correct, or practicing Democrats!   I am an unabashed Conservative as I believe in small government dedicated to protecting the people, social justice for all, work hard and reap the benefits of your labors, and the basic belief that government owes you nothing except protection from foreign powers! 

I believe that our government ought to stay the heck away from the classroom and teachers and parents ought be in charge. I believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY... You situation is no ones fault but your own! I believe political correctness is a disaster... not being able to call a turd a turd is, wrong!

Help yourself by getting off your dead bottom and work, get educated, assist others, help a kid... do NOT sit back and "let the government do it"... they will do it wrong!


Things I Do Not Understand...

Why do we want to forgive student loans? We ought to STOP student loans... Let them go to school like I did, it's called work!

Why do we want our country invaded by criminals... Bring in legan immigrants and throw the others out! (Or come up with a rational plan to keep the successful contributors)

Why do we want to eliminate the worlds best medical system??? Let the government take it over and cost us another trillion dollars? Are we nuts.

Why do we want to allow "same-sex-marriage... an oxymoron" ... Why not come up with something that will satisfy their needs without calling it something it is not??



If you cannot tell, we are conservatives.  That means to us we believe in personal responsibility and that the government's involvement needs to be minimized!  Let the government do what they were supposed to do, protect the country but letting them have the power to twist our lives is insanity!  Dimmocrats are looney wanting the government to do everything.  Health care managed by the government?  For God's sake... they have a hard time delivering the mail!

Stoopid Or What?

We as a society are becoming stupid. We listen to the lies of the parties and without thinking, begin to believe it is true! People do not do any critical thinking and it is ashame!

Listen to the Dimmocrats about the war in Iraq..  They were so innocent but listen to their own words!  Now our electorate (especially the liberal touchy-feely dimmocrats) can't handle the truth. 

The world wanted Iraq removed as a threat and by God we did just that.  Do people think they know everything because of the drive-by media... Not so!  They ought to see what some of us have seen through the use of technology! Did I say "Wake Up Call?"

It's a sad state of affairs!


Protection From Idiots?

Idiot Protection Clause

Out Constitution is an amazing document conceived by the genius of the American People.

However, they did leave out one important ingredient, how to get rid of idiots.

Cris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid.  These people are actually incompetent to the point they are non functional.  How do they get elected?  How do we dump them.  Liars and half-wits!

There should have been some mechanism in the Constitution to get rid of them a lot faster than having to wait to vote them out!

Shameful to see this collection of boobs stumble around trying to govern when frankly they are so crooked and biased I would not let them run for dog catcher!

Sad sad state of affairs!