Ballroom Dancing Clubs Are A Hoot

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

Our Dance Clubs

Dance Club

We are members of four dance clubs:

Topper's Dance Club

Starlighter's Dance Club

Nightlighters Dance Club

Rondeliers Dance Club

Starlighters Website

Starlighters dance every other month inb a Saturday evening with two casuals, two semi-formals, and two formals.


Nightlighters Website

Nightlighters are always formal and we dance Saturday evenings near LAX on opposite months from Starlighters.


Toppers Website

Toppers dance nine times a year (we take the summer off) and we dance Fridays at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach.


Rondeliers Website

We dance on Friday evenings at the Country Club and generally a formal affair.