Topper's Dance Club Members

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

We Have A Super Paper Roster Managed By Ms. Donnis Weygandt

Toppers members visual roster

Roster as of September 2017 Link

Sit Back An See The Membership

  • Andersen, Mike & Bridgette Missakian
  • Arauj, Al & Mickey
  • Berg, Tom & Kathy
  • Bold, Ed & Kathy
  • Brander, Leon & Marcia
  • Cofer, Tom & Jan
  • Colby, Craig & Linda
  • Ellis, Nancy
  • Fronk, Dean & Lori
  • Gardner, Jim & Jan
  • Gill, Russell & Lily
  • Goll, Craig & Marianne Hanlon
  • Gray, Gary & Marion
  • Guentherman, Larry & Penny
  • Harrington, Lucky & Carolyn
  • Isham, Larry & Gigi
  • Johnson, Irene
  • Kosmetatoes, Irene
  • Kroy, Walter & Terey
  • Kuhn, Del & Vicky
  • Liles, Paul & Sue
  • Lum, Al & Colleen
  • Maclean, Norman & Nina Collins
  • Mongeau, Gilles & Gisele
  • Mongel, Jan
  • Paternoster, Pat & Margo Taub
  • Roberts, Ed & Kathy
  • Rodecker, Wally & Ghislaine
  • Schmitz, Dennis & Diane
  • Sebern Dennis & Linda
  • Slater, Charlie & Sandy
  • Steiner, Richard & Frieda Mau
  • Tomkeil, Will & Iris Feltenberg
  • Wells, Tracy & Carmin
  • Woolston, Neal & Nita
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  • Zaitz, Bob & Donna
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Our Members (Alphabetical Order)

Anderson (MIke) and Bridgette Missakian

Araju, Al and Mickey (Garden Grove)

Toppers members visual roster
Berg, Tom and Kathy (Rancho Palos Verdes)

Bold, Ed and Kathy

Brander, Marcia and Leon

Cofer, Jan and Tom

Toppers members visual roster
Colby, Linda & Craig

Ellis, Nancy

Toppers members visual roster
Fronk, Lori and Dean (Westminister)

Gardner, Jim and Jan (Rolling Hills Estates)

Gill, Russel and Lily (Palos Verdes Estates)

Goll (Graig) and Marianne Hanlon

Toppers members visual roster
Gray, Marion and Gary

Guntherman, Penny and Larry

Toppers members visual roster
Harrington , Carolyn and Roy (Lucky)

Toppers members visual roster
Isham, Gigi and Larry (Redondo Beach)

Irene Johnson

Irene Kosmetatoes

Toppers members visual roster
Kroy , Walter and Terey (Santa Ana)

Toppers members visual roster
Kuhn, Del and Vicky (Los Alamitos)

Liles, Paul and Sue (Los Alamitos)

Lum, Al & Colleen

Maclean (Norman) and Nina Collins

Montgeau, Gilles & Gisele

Mongell, Jan

Toppers members visual roster
Myers, Bernie and Donnis Weygant

Paternoster (Pat) and Margot Taub

Roberts, Ed and Kathy (La Mirada)

Toppers members visual roster
Rodecker, Wally and Ghesliene

Toppers members visual roster
Schmitz, Denis and Diane (Long Beach)

Sebern, Linda & Don

Toppers members visual roster
Slater, Sandy and Charlie

Steiner, Dr. Richard and Mau, Frieda

Tomkeil, Wil and Fentenberg, Iris

Wells (Tracy) and Carmen

Toppers members visual roster
Woolston, Neal and Nita (Rossmoor)

Zaitz, Bob and Donna


We Have Members Emeritus (E)

After the passing of a partner, according to the by-laws, the surviving partner may come to the club for two years. After two years, they shall pat the pro-rated membership dues yearly.

Did You Know? - Emeritus (/ɨˈmɛrɨtəs/; plural emeriti; abbreviation emer.) is a Latin past participle that means "having served one's time" or "having merited one's discharge by service" (Latin ē-, "out", and meritus, "merited"). In current usage, it is a postpositive adjective used to designate a retired professor, bishop, president, prime minister, or other professional; as such it refers to the post-retirement status of at least one pope. The female equivalent, emerita (/ɨˈmɛrɨtə/), is also sometimes used, but phrases such as professor emerita are not in proper usage according to Latin grammar rules.

Previous members and those who have passed are also available on the site.