Random Pictures

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

Picture of The Whatever August 2008

The Lane Victory Cruise (8/15/2008)

Sue gives him the stink-eye as she is not suure about his answer.  Sue is, after all, an engineer and mathematician so pressures and temperatures make a load of sense to her!  She is the only person down here wearing white!

Griffith Park Observatory (8/13/2008)

Paul gets to wear the new shirt from the OC Fair!  We had a great day at the Observatory.  Here I am pointing out the fact I only weight 400 on Neptune.

More Observatory (8/13/2008)

Sue it trying to learn how to pick a meteorite out of a pile of rocks!  They all look the same to me!  One has to have a good eye to determine the slight difference!

A Day At The Races  In Del Mar (8/9/2008)

We go the Del Mar race track once a year so it is time to catch up visiting with Robin and Bob! We enjoyed a great day with friends and only lost $20.00!

Sue And Michele Celebrate Their Birthdays (8/6/2008)

Granpa Paul and Theo share a little time and food together plus Paul gets lessons on the proper use of Crayola's!

We all went to the Warehouse in Playa Del Rey (because of the desserts) and had a delightful afternoon on the waterfront watching the wildlife... fish, birds, and Theo!