Labor Day

Celebrating The American Worker

We Celebrate The American Worker....  Unions? Not So Much!

God Bless the American workers which made us the most powerful country in the world! The unions had a purpose once upon a time but now they are a noose around the neck of the nation and should be significantly reduced or eliminated!

We believe that the unions are now corrupt and bleeding this nation to ruin.  When people can make high salaries with minimal education and retire after thirty years will full pensions and medical coverage... something is wrong.

A moron can do the math and figure out that it is unsupportable (witness Greece!).

The American worker should get a reasonable pension but he or she needs to be responsibl for themselves and save money, invest money to live on!

We worked hard all our lives and did not have all the things we could afford because we knew old age as coming and we had to survive. Our company pays us about 25% of our salaries (still substantial) but we paid off our house, invested heavily, and saved!

We feel sorry for the people who believe the exorbitant pensions will be there in the future... Ain't gonna happen... The country is already daving 100 TRILLION in un-funded liabilities  (promisses made and no funds to pay for it) from the government union promisses!

Union leaders and politicians should be ashamed of themselves!

It's sad!