We Enjoy Adult Movies

Oops... We Mean "Adult Night" At The Movies

Adults Go To The Movies

Adult movies are NOT OUR STYLE... In fact, we prefer "G" rated movies so we laugh about telling friends we are going to the adults movies (See the Daily Diary) as it raises eyebrows and often gets some giggles.

Our group likes to go to the movies early and get the early bird special and then out for a quick dinner either before the movie or after the movie and before heading for home!

2010-05-11 - Pirates of the Carribbbean

2010-07-07 - Toy Story III

2011-04-26 - Rio

2011-02-24 - Gnomeo & Juliet

2001-10-05 - Dolphin Tale

2011-11-04 - Puss & Boots

2012-04-10 - Mirror Mirror

2012-06-20 - Shrek

2012-05-23 - Most Exhotic Merrigold Hotel

2012-06-27 - Madagascar 3

2012-07-30 - Ice Age IV

Let The Fun Begin

Adult night at the movies
Vicky and Del

Adult night at the movies
Linda and James

Adult night at the movies
Paul and Sue

Adult night at the movies
Bunnaford and Robin

Adult night at the movies
Greg Leach and Carri Fox

Adult night at the movies
One of our favorite post-movie get-aways

Adult night at the movies
The babies always wait up for us so we can tell them about the movie.
As of June 2012 Sargie is no longer and as of July 2014 Flower left us!