We Are Going Solar... Join The Adventure!

Solar Powered... In Our Lifetime

Moving Into The Twenty-First Century... A Cell At A Time!.

We are retired and have many years to look forword too and we will probably stay in the LA area simply due to weather and our friends.

But OMG, the cost of lighting the house and running the air conditioner is getting ridiculous! $500/month and we get nothing except the opporunity to get shocked from the high voltage and the next bill!

Not a great idea!

Sitting In The Dark!

I mean come on. I am sitting here October 3, 2017at 5:00 AM on a Tuesday morning and the house is pulling 413 Watts (I know this thanks to Chai Energy and their realtime monitoring).

This means we are ALREADY AT OUR BASELINE LIMIT before any lights are turned on. Who is the culprit, perhaps the iMac but that only 150 watts.

What was on?

  1. Cable modem
  2. Two Audio Amplifiers (Idle/standby)
  3. Two night lights (7 watts)
  4. Four ceiling fans all on lowest setting
  5. Two refrigerators
  6. One freezer
  7. Answering machine
  8. Apple wireless network
  9. Chai Energy box (3 watts)
  10. One iMac
  11. Two Nest security cameras
  12. Swimming pool timer

Realtime meter reading gives us the latest

Just the house at "idle" from midnight to 5 am!


1266.9/30 days means 42 kWh per day and we were gone six
days in September on a trip!


The Gotcha

The tiered rates for SoCal Edison for our home.are:

Got To Be Kidding!

The two of us are allowed 312 kWh on our basic rate which means we can use 433 watts an hour or 10.3 kWh/day without getting hit with a higher tier rate.

That means no air-conditioning, no TV, no house fan, no security lights, no radio, no printer, no air cleaner, no fans, stop the pool filtering, do nightlights in the garage, etc.

Our Bill

Holy Mackrel! $16.91 a day to have the lights on in a cool (80 degree) house.... Seems a tad whacky!

Decision Made

We are going solar! The rates will only go up and we will likely need more as we get older!

We thought, we will keep a diary on the activities and the latest information.