Jeanette Lind

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty, and sometimes attract pests.  ~Author Unknown

Jeanette Liles

Jeanette laughing
What's so funny??

Jeanette is our second oldest daughter ( Michele is the oldest).  She is a Project Manager for a large financial firm and organizes and manages information technology projects including bringing in new technology and transitioning applications between sites in Los Angeles and Dallas, Texas.

How old is she? We will not tell but we will provide a few hints... Look in the right hand column!  Sue and I remember these events quite well and it is amazing to look back and see they were the same year as Jeanette was born.


She Is Easy To Find... Look For A Cloud Of Dust!

Sebring Convertible

That's New?

10/24/2009 - Another Year Older and Deeper In Debt!
01/10/2009 - The January Vacation (Protected)
10/24/2008 - OMG, she is forty years old! Come celebrate with us!

The Name Jeanette

The girl's name Jeanette \je(a)-nette, jean(et)-te\ is pronounced je-NET. It is of French origin. Diminutive of Jean; variant spelling of Jeannette. A favorite name in France.  The origin of the name Jeanette is English. It means in Hebrew "God is gracious".

Born In???