Dancing With Carri Fox

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart!

Ballroom Dancing; A Terrific Activity For Couples!
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About Dancing...


Did you ever want to be able to dance like those people you saw at the last party?  It is a lot easier than you think!  Excellent exercise and good for the psyche.  You gotta be dressed for it! Would you like to ask..."Can I have this dance??". It's easier than you think!

Ballroom dance, refers collectively to a set of partner dances, which originated in the Western world and are now enjoyed both socially and competitively around the globe. It is for young and old.

While historically ballroom dance may refer to any form of formal social dancing as recreation, with the eminence of dance sport in modern times the term has became much narrower in scope, usually referring specifically to the International Standard and International Latin style dances (see dance groupings below).

In the United States, two additional variations—"American Smooth" and "American Rhythm"—have also been popularized and are commonly recognized as styles of "ballroom dance".

Carri In The News 9/27/2007 (Long Beach Press-Telegram)

Carri In The News

Carri was interviewed by Diandra Jay of the Press-Telegram during on of her classes at El Dorado Park and this informal picture was snapped and put on the front page of the "Local News" section of the paper.  Go Carri!

Meet Carri Fox

Carri was our instructor for over twenty years and what adifference in our life has she made.  We enjoy dancing which provides a host of new friends, the health benefits of dancing instead of watching TV (ugh!), and the excitement of visiting neat places.

We will miss her smiling face but through the magic of digital photography, she will never be too far away!

Join us for dancing!

Swing Dancing

Swing is the ultimate in partner dancing, blending high energy with old-fashioned charm.

This popular dance form evolved from the Lindy Hop in the '30s, blossomed with jazz and the Big Band era and then spread into at least eight different types, including East Coast, West Coast, Rockabilly and Country Swing. Also some classes in Eastern Swing Salsa Disco Two Step.

Dancing Is A Load Of Fun!

The music of the  20's, 30's and 40's  was designed for dancing and having fun!   It's coming back... learn how to dance! Swing dancing is all over the web! Read About The Lindy!!    Do you recognize "Lindy"?  Read about the Lindy locally.

Pictures, We Take Pictures


Dances and the Music

Dance Dance Dance!!!Ballroom Dance classes include:
Cha Cha
Rumba, and

Read about dancing from a world wide information source.  Ballroom USA is an excellent source.  Who are these people? What is a Dance Card???