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Meo Bernabei; An Artist From The 1930's

Theme Song: "Memories of You"
Saxophonist Memo Bernabei, born in Pittsburgh in 1917, played with the Ray Pearl band (1936-1939) and Jan Garber (1945-1955) before forming his own band in 1958, he has had a band ever since.

The Bernabei Orchestra's debut took place at the Chateau Ballroom in downtown Los Angeles in 1958, years after most leaders retired from the business. "I know a lot of musicians have had a lot of troubles, keeping up and being on the road. I have always been very fortunate, very ,very fortunate." Bernabei said in 1995 that the band business has, "really been good to me. Even during this era when Big Bands aren't doing so good, I 'm still doing good. I can't complain one bit."

Bernabei found success playing in the Jan Garber style which was well suited for hotels. In the 1950's he signed a record contract with Windsor and had a local dance hit called "Bernabei's Bounce. By 1964 he had become the house-band and ballroom manager for the Golden West Ballroom in Norwalk (staying there for 14 years). Today he continues to play local jazz parities mostly in Southern California.
Notes supplied by Mr Dan DelFiorentino