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Picture Of The Whenever Archives September 2007

Excitement At Old Ranch (09/06/2007)

Orion P3Orion P-3

The P-3 was doing "touch and go's" from the Joint Forces Training Station which means it flew right over the golf course!  The Lockheed P-3 Orion is a maritime patrol aircraft of numerous militaries around the world, used primarily for maritime patrol, reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare. The P-3 Orion, originally designated P3V, based on the Lockheed L-188 Electra, which met limited success as a turboprop airliner competing against emerging pure jets. It served as the replacement for the postwar era P-2 Neptune. The Orion is powered by 4 turboprops which give it a speed comparable to fast propeller powered fighters, or even slow turbofan jets such as the A-10.

On Our Way To A Play (9/1/2007)

We stopped by the Westin Hotel for a little drinkie-poo and some snacks before heading next door to the South Coast Reparatory Theater.

Melissa; Zachary's Flame (9/23/2007)

Zachary's seventeen birthday was held at the Country Club and Melissa was his date for the evening.  Beautiful girl now in college.

Zachary's Seventeenth Birthday Dinner With Grandma & Grandpa  (9/23/2007)

A real nice young man who turned seventeen and is getting ready to take on life.

September And It's Watermelon Time For The Babies (09-10-2007)

The babies (Chihuahua's) always want their watermelon late in the afternoon so we bring Chihuahua and People food out to the patio!