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Dear Paul & Sue

It was good to look at your website and I would also like to say that it is good to work alongside our closest ally during the conflict over in the Middle East...God Bless the U.S. Troops as well as our own British Armed Forces...I have many, many friends who are stationed in the British Army, Paras, RAF, Royal Marines etc. (from the Colchester Barracks) and I am praying for them too.

Saddam Hussein has already lost anyway!  What can he do now?  His reign of terror is finished.. they are not fighting in the name of 'Allah'!  Suicide bombers are blowing themselves up for nothing...and for fear of Saddam, they have to do it, all his troops have to do what he says, they have no choice - except for those who surrender who have basically had enough and know that they cannot win against our forces.  Most of the people over here in the UK have changed their minds about the war and are backing Tony Blair now, there is no other way to deal with Saddam, he has had over 12 years of 'talks'!  You cannot 'talk' with a Muslim extremist and a tyrant.  Up until now, he was probably laughing behind our backs...but the smile is on the other side of his face now...he's too clever.  He is paying his closest military men to fight and to martyr themselves, but you don't see Saddam or Osama Bin Laden offering themselves as martyrs do you?  Who are the stupid ones?

I liked your 'Dear Mr Terrorist' letter - it hits the nail on the head and sums up what I have said.

As long as we keep our word to the Iraqi people and not run away like last time, it will take some of them time to rebuild their trust in us again...but they will WHEN Saddam is removed!  But with God's help, he WILL be removed.

I just thought I would share this with you...on behalf of the majority of the people in the UK who are backing your President and our Prime Minister.

Take Care

Miss Fiona D Pacquette


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