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Walking In October 2015 (Page One)

It's almost Halloween so Paul will be on the lookout for Halloween decorations as well as spooky things and creepy crawlies!    Please enjoy the month! Use the day-by-day navigation above if you like!

Walking October 1st 2015
What are they telling me???

Did You Know What Halloween Candy Means To Us Walkers?

  • 1 Fun Size candy bar (Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers, etc. comes to 80 calories. You will need to walk 0.8 miles, 1.29 kilometers, or 1600 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 2 Hershey’s Kisses comes to 50 calories. You will need to walk 0.5 miles, 0.80 kilometers, or 1000 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 2 Brachs caramels comes to 80 calories. You will need to walk 0.8 miles, 1.29 kilometers, or 1600 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 1 mini bite-size candy bar (Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers, etc.) comes to 55 calories. You will need to walk 0.55 miles, 0.88 kilometers, or 1100 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 1 Fun Size M&M packet – Plain or Peanut, comes to 90 calories. You will need to walk 0.9 miles, 1.45 kilometers, or 1800 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 1 mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup comes to 33 calories. You will need to walk 0.33 miles, 0.53 kilometers, or 660 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 1 full size chocolate candy bar (Snickers, Hershey, etc.) comes to 275 calories. You will need to walk 2.75 miles, 4.43 kilometers, or 5500 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 1 King Size chocolate candy bar (Snickers, Hershey, etc.) comes to 500 calories. You will need to walk 5 miles, 8.06 kilometers, or 10000 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.
  • 1 small Tootsie Roll comes to 25 calories. You will need to walk 0.25 miles, 0.40 kilometers, or 500 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.

October 1st 2015   (Top)

Walking October 1st 2015   Walking October 1st 2015
Today was a magnificent day for a walk!

Did You Know? - A 2000 study reported that walking regularly (three times or more a week for half an hour or more) saves $330 a year in health care costs.

Walking October 1st 2015
The moon was still out and looking good

Walking October 1st 2015

Walking October 1st 2015
The spider has been busy!

Walking October 1st 2015
First Halloween decorations in the neighborhood

Walking October 1st 2015
Bark the Wonder Dog!

Walking October 1st 2015
I am tired... Time to sit a spell!

Walking October 1st 2015
Fall decorations are on display

Walking October 1st 2015
Hey Red!

Walking October 1st 2015
What do you get when you mix yellow and green? Beauty!

Walking October 1st 2015
Wish it were champagne!

Walking October 1st 2015
Ever wonder what the nitrogen bottles are for?

Did You Know? - Nitrogen gas has been used by the land line telephone companies for many, many years. There are several useful reasons. Keeping old paper pulp covered cable pairs was one of them. There is very little paper pulp cable remaining in service these days.

Beginning at the Central Office, (where your calls are routed) there are inter-office cables and Long distance cables coming into the building through a cable vault. These cables pass through a nitrogen manifold, where nitrogen is pumped into the cable under pressure. Let's say 10 PPI. The pressure level is monitored by sensors.

If there is a drop in pressure an alarm goes off and the telephone company is made aware that a particular cable has been punctured or cut. (Trouble) There are sensors placed in cable manholes along the cable's route.

The telephone company locates the cable break and a repair crew is dispatched to repair the cable. While repair work is being done, a tank of nitrogen is brought to the repair site and the gas is injected into the cable to maintain the desired cable pressure.

This action shuts down the gas alarm at the central office. Under normal use the nitrogen also keeps the cable pairs dry. Without a positive gas pressure in the cable a hole or cut in the cable would allow moisture or water to enter the cable. This is not good.

Walking October 1st 2015
Pumpkins are starting to appear all over the neighborhood

Walking October 1st 2015
Eek! Spider!

Walking October 1st 2015
Red dates?

Walking October 1st 2015
The wise old owl!

October 5th 2015  (Top)

It is getting to be a lot like Halloween! Decorations are slowly making they way from the garages to the front yards. One of these evenings I plan an "night walk" and get some pictures with the lights on!

I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween!

Walking October 5th 2015   Walking October 5th 2015
Today was a magnificent day for a walk!

Quotation To Remember: Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.

I never stop in a witch's parking space!

It rained like mad last night... Rain clouds are gone today!

The flowers were pretty this morning

The punkins and goblins are popping up everywhere

Do you see two eyes, a nose and a funny mouth?

I heard them and then and snapped a shot!

Did You Know? - A V formation (sometimes called a skein) is the symmetric V-shaped flight formation of flights of geese, ducks, and other migratory birds. V formations also improve the fuel efficiency of aircraft and are used on military flight missions.

The V formation greatly boosts the efficiency and range of flying birds, particularly over long migratory routes. All the birds except the first fly in the upwash from the wingtip vortices of the bird ahead. The upwash assists each bird in supporting its own weight in flight, in the same way a glider can climb or maintain height indefinitely in rising air.

In a V formation of 25 members, each bird can achieve a reduction of induced drag by up to 65% and as a result increase their range by 71%.

The birds flying at the tips and at the front are rotated in a timely cyclical fashion to spread flight fatigue equally among the flock members. Canada geese are a common example demonstrating the V formation.

The clouds were magnificent this morning!

It's getting spooky again!

Silly question

Boo! Clever people do amazing things with balloons and cheesecloth

This is why I do not walk at night!

Jack was pretty scary!

Did You Know? - The term jack-o'-lantern is in origin a term for the visual phenomenon ignis fatuus (lit., "foolish fire") known as a will-o'-the-wisp in English folklore. Used especially in East England, its earliest known use dates to the 1660s.

The term "will-o'-the-wisp" uses "wisp" (a bundle of sticks or paper sometimes used as a torch) and the proper name "Will": thus, "Will-of-the-torch." The term jack-o'-lantern is of the same construction: "Jack of [the] lantern."

I stayed on the sidewalk.... They cannot get you there!

I thought I heard something as I walked by!

More like it.... Candies and cookies!

They are really popping up all over!

His name is Casper!

Did You Know? - Casper was created in the late 1930s by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo, the former devising the idea for the character and the latter providing illustrations.

Intended initially as the basis for a 1939 children's storybook, there was at first little interest in their idea. When Reit was away on military service during the Second World War before the book was released, Oriolo sold the rights to the book to Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios animation division.

No we are talking scary!

The spider that ate Rossmoor!

Cute little guy!

Just hanging around!

The flowers were so fresh looking after the rain storm last night!

We enjoy seeing the pretty Fall decorations also!

The tree house is still there!

Yes you did!

The trees are turning brown! It is Fall!

They must be hanging out their ghosts!

Did You Know? - In English Renaissance theater, ghosts were often depicted in the garb of the living and even in armor, as with the ghost of Hamlet's father. Armor, being out-of-date by the time of the Renaissance, gave the stage ghost a sense of antiquity.

The sheeted ghost began to gain ground on stage in the 19th century because an armored ghost could not satisfactorily convey the requisite spookiness: it clanked and creaked, and had to be moved about by complicated pulley systems or elevators.

These clanking ghosts being hoisted about the stage became objects of ridicule as they became clichéd stage elements.

Ann Jones and Peter Stallybrass, in Renaissance Clothing and the Materials of Memory, point out, "In fact, it is as laughter increasingly threatens the Ghost that he starts to be staged not in armor but in some form of 'spirit drapery'.

Last nights rain storm kept the flowers wet as long as they were in the shade

It must look grizzly when the walkway light comes on!

I must remember that!

October 9th 2015  (Top)

After several days with Brian and Jan, I needed to walk and stay away from the dinner table! I did 3 1/2 miles today and it felt pretty good!

Walking October 5th 2015   Walking October 5th 2015
I departed early as today is supposed to be a warm one!

Did You Know? - The United States walks the least of any industrialized nation. The average Australian takes 9, 695 steps per day (just a few short of the ideal 10,000), the average Japanese takes 7,168; the average Swiss: 9,650; and the average American just 5,117

The spidy was way up high!

I think he was asleep... Tummy was full!

A polite little owl

I stood there for ten minutes and didn't see any!

Happy Halloween back at you!

Free wood? Dang thing must have weighed 300 pounds!

A handsome devil... I mean pumpkin!

It's getting scary!

Yeah candy!

Mommy is watching after the kids

Just hanging around!

"I am growing as fast as I can!!"

Great collection!

Remember.... Trick or Treat... Smell my feet
Bring me something good to eat!


The tree is really turning fast and soon the leaves will begin to fall!

The famous "blue plant"

Too cute!

October 10th 2015  (Top)

Time to walk again! Visiting the spooks!

Another warm day so I left early!

Did You Know? - Given that the world is about 25,000 miles in circumference and that the average walking rate is 3 miles per hour, it would take a person walking nonstop approximately 347 days to walk around the world.

A spider tree?

Chinese Halloween decorations!

The doggie and kitty look vicious

Eat locals??? I ran past this house!

Colorful spiders

Grim Gables.... Neat name

They popped out of the bushes

"Hey... Get me out of here!"

October 11th 2015  (Top)

Time to walk again! Visiting the spooks!

Off and running

Did You Know? - On average, a person would need to walk seven hours to burn off a Super-Sized Coke, fries, and a Big Mac.

Hoot hoot!

"Hey Shamus... I think we are in the wrong holiday!"

The bird house has no doors nor windows... Saves a lot on food

Even the grass is dying!

"We are watching you!"

October 13th 2015  (Top)

Only a few more days remain until Halloween! More and more spooky things are showing up on the walk!

Long walk this morning!

Hey... It works!

Mr. Spidy is high up in the air today!

Lot's of resting going on here!

I am just hanging around!

That will surprise the trick or treaters!

Beware of Dog.... Really?

Not scary! Just pretty!

Watch out for the spider!

I am so confused!

October 14th 2015  (Top)

A person weighing 150 pound burns about 100 calories per mile of walking, compared with 31 calories burned if the same person was seated and reading. That's good, but still not a whole lot of calories burned overall. Remember: It's not just the calorie burn that's important. Walking builds metabolism-revving muscle tissue in your lower body, melts away dangerous belly fat (even if you don't lose much actual weight), makes your body less insulin-resistant, and improves your heart health, general fitness, and energy levels, so you're more likely to keep moving (and burning more calories).

We are playing golf today so I will get in another 3-4 miles

He was just hanging around!

He had been busy this morning!

Resting on the job

The fish were trying to put on the witch's hats!

No one will go to their front door

Make no bonesabout it!

With s little imagination it looks like a popcorn candy tree


Clever witch!

There still is beauty in the hood!

Farmer bird is watching us!

Great name!

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