Walking Aound Rossmoor California

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Walking To Stay Healthy... We Do It

Did You Know? - 1 Mile = 1500 steps
1 Mile walked = 100 calories burned

1 Pound = 3500 calories
2 Pound weight loss per week = 7000 cal, or a 500 cal deficit per day

1 Pound weight loss per week just by walking = 5 extra miles walked per day - or 7,500 extra steps (in addition to the distance that you are currently covering while maintaining weight)

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Since the broken thumb, it was hard for meto hold onto the treadmill so it was time to walk!  Usually for an hour at about 3 miles/hour.   I never take the same route just to make things interesting and I find my way home using Waze/GPS. 

When I am out and about I always have a camera so I decided to take some pictures that caught my eye!   Some days I take pictures and some days not... Usually depends upon the time of day and the sunlight!

BTW, we have been walking Rossmoor for years.  Visit some snaps from June 2011 .

Please enjoy the "Snaps"...

Walking in Rossmoor
Paul.... The handsome devil!

Walking in Rossmoor
Our neighborhood offers great opportunities for walks