Vegetable Gardening Means One Must Be Cooking 

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses!

Grow Them And Cook Them!

Cook! Cook! Cook!

So, you see the veggies in our garden... Its for two reasons! 

1. Raising vegetables is fun and it sure beats the silly flowers!

2. We cook what we eat so fresh is the name of the game!

See our cooking pages for some ideas about what we do with the veggies.  There is noting like going to the garden, doing some harvesting, and eating right away.  It gives a new meaning to "fresh".

What  a way to go!  Marry someone who's hobby it is to cook... and not only cook... but cook vegetarian (otherwise Paul would be 800 pounds).

BEing a Vegetarian is not bad (unless you are a strict non-ovo-lactor meaning you graze on grass!) Vegetarian = ovo-lacto which means dairy products are fine!  Just no fish, chicken, or beef! 

See some of Sue's creations.

See The Regrettable Foods Site For Fun And Giggles

From the garden