The Birthday Girl Is Celebrated

Nothing Else Counts In This World!   

Another Day Older Today (Well, Last Tuesday But Who Is Counting)

It was birthday evening at Santa Ana... we had Donna's and another one right next door. Cake was floating all over the place.

Donna's birthday
It was also gondola night....

We made sure Bob did NOT sing....

Did You Know? - It is estimated that there were eight to ten thousand gondolas during the 17th and 18th century. There are just over four hundred in active service today, virtually all of them used for hire by tourists. Those few that are in private ownership are either hired out to Venetians for weddings or used for racing.[3] Even though the Gondola by now has become a widely publicized icon of Venice, in the times of the Republic of Venice is was by far not the only means of transportation: on the map of Venice created by Jacopo de' Barbari in 1500 only a fraction of the boats are gondolas, the majority of boats are batellas, caorlinas, galleys and other boats - by now only a handful of batellas survive, and caorlinas are used for racing only.

Donna's birthday
Brian and an got the best seats in the house... The head of the table.... They see all the foolishness!

We is all here now

Donna's birthday
Vicky, Donna, and Del

RaeAnn Gave Donna One Of Her Poetic Works

Donna's birthday

Donna's birthday

Did You Know? - Poetry (from the Greek 'poiesis'/ποίησις [poieo/ποιέω], a making: a forming, creating, or the art of poetry, or a poem) is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning. Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns, lyrics, or prose poetry. It is published in dedicated magazines (the longest established being Poetry and Oxford Poetry), individual collections and wider anthologies.

Donna's birthday
Donna and RaeAnn

Donna's birthday
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person

Donna's birthday
Brian is getting is nightly English lesson

Warning Warning... Old People's Cakes Being Delivered.... Warning!

There was a hot time in the old town this night!!

The next table over was celebrating also

The cake is wheeled into the room

Sam captures the moment

Cameras, match, action!!

The flames are starting

The flames were broiling up.... Someone get the s'mores

Donna's Cake Arrives

Oops... Caught

Donna's birthday

Did You Know? - Gondolas are hand made using 8 different types of wood (fir, oak, cherry, walnut, elm, mahogany, larch and lime) and are composed of 280 pieces. The oars are made of beech wood. The left side of the gondola is made longer than the right side. This asymmetry causes the gondola to resist the tendency to turn toward the left at the forward stroke. It is a common misconception that the gondola is a paddled vessel when the correct term is rowed i.e. "I rowed my gondola to work".

The profession of gondolier is controlled by a guild, which issues a limited number of licenses granted after periods of training and apprenticeship, and a major comprehensive exam which tests knowledge of Venetian history and landmarks, foreign language skills, and practical skills in handling the gondola typically necessary in the tight spaces of Venetian canals.

Donna's birthday
Plenty of cake for everyone


Donna's birthday
No Bob, no frisbee in the parking lot... Those are plates

Donna's birthday

Donna's birthday
Which ones are cake and which ones are pure frosting????

"It's here"

There goes "Ol Windy"

The fire is out

"Whaddya mean you can't drink wine with cake????"

"I knew you were just teasing!"

Donna Demonstrates Her New Wine Bottle Nightlight

Makes your eyes light up

Donna's birthday
It works....

Donna's birthday
No no Donna.... It's NOT top drink


Donna's birthday
An artistic shot.... or, a camera malfunction????

Donna's birthday
Cards, and flowers, and wine... Oh my!

Everybody is stuffed

We Visit The Collins

Donna's birthday
Gladys, Vance, and Sue

Donna's birthday
Sue and Paul are really here... Dancing the evening away