Christmas 2021 With The Alley Cats

"You know you're getting old, when Santa starts looking younger." -- Robert Paul

Hello Curtis Theater And Lazy Dog!

Off we go again after a two-year hiatus to visit the Alley Cats!   Last time we saw them was in December of 2019.  

Curtis Theater with the Alley Cats 2021
Yep, they were fresh off the boat!

Vicky arranged for tickets for Ed, the Zaitz, Irene, Yollie, herself and Mary and I. We had a great time laughing all the way through dinner. Traditions are wonderful!

  Curtis Theater with the Alley Cats 2021
Fantastic fun with wonderful friends!

We tried to get Vicky to turn around but....

We missed Royce but the guys did just fine!

The performance below was from 2008 and it fuzzy but the singing is definitely the Alley Cats!

After the show we went to the Lazy Dog cafe in Brea and shared a super meal.

At the bar, of course!

That there is a wild bunch!


Just us!

After dinner we scooted home to see Scout The Wonder Dog. We attempted to watch a movie but alas, the Sandman took over and we fell sound to sleep! TOMORROW, Mary does not go to work for the first Monday in 43 years!