Christmas 2020

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home.  ~Carol Nelson

2020-12-19 Dinner Party At Mary's

We wanted a small intimate dinner party with friends so we decided to have it at Mary's beautiful home.  The Reedy's, Zaitz, and Robin joined us for a catered affair. We all had a blast!

Catered by Love Birds... Doesn't get better than that!

The table is ready to receive our honored guests
We calls this the "fat table"... Chocolate, chocolate, and Egg Nog!

We are dancers, we will explain later!

We checkout the "Calorie Table"... from a distance!

Mary thinks bald is beautiful! Thank goodnesses !

Mary checks the kitchen activities.... all under control!

The heroes of the evening!
The heroes of the evening!

The Yule Log has arrived, unscathed!

Robin is first to arrive!

She heads to Scout!

Robin and Scout are wonderful friends

David and Dianne have arrived, the party can officially start!

Bob bad Donna are on premises! Count the silverware!

The masked banditos

Mary takes a call... From Santa... What could it be?

Bob, you first!!

This is better!

Donna is cautious, especially in this crowd!

The waiter does an excellent job.... One of these days he may
make a good bartender???

I am indeed blessed to have such amazing women in my life!

Scout refuses to turn around!

Dianne and Mary enjoying the appetizers!

Winners of "The Worlds Greatest Smile Contest"!

Simple and delicious!

Paul gives it the thumbs up!

First we must pass the calories!

A beautiful couple who we are honored to call friends!

Mary makes sure everyone is seated.... Paul is allowed to sit at the
grownups table this evening (and this evening only)

Chowing down!

The conversation level is severely reduced... Now all you can hear
is slurp, gurgle, and an occasional wow!

David is offering some semi-official insight into anything you want! Just ask!

Lisa sends David the bill.... Soon David falls out of his chair!

Are we having fun yet???

A very sophisticated group!

The fumes from the alcohol at the table drove the drone away!

Who has the greatest smile?

Miss Mary wins the prize!!   No questions asked!

She loves her friends!

...and she can be a little goofy also! An amazing lady!

Now we know what Dianne and Mary like!

The passing of the chocolate; a wonderful tradition!

Time to get serious!

..and a time NOT to be serious!

Good night all!