Just Us Christmas 2016

Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart

A Few Snaps Of Us This Season

We have a load of activities so we try to capture a few of us doing our thing...

10/18 - Sue visits every tree at Rogers Gardens

11/25 - At the Feuerzangenbowle

11/25 - Enjoying the mullen wine at the Feuerzangenbowle

12/1 Tea at the Huntongton Library

12/1 Huntington - love those scones

12/2 at the elks

12/2 loving the dance

12/2 don't tell everyione

12/3 at the Nightlighters

12/3 damcomg the night away

12/3 seeing "A Christmas Carol"

12/3 The Seasons 52 management pays a visit

12/5 at Robin borthday in Downtown Disney

12/8 at Sherman Gardens

12/8 never miss a chance to dance

12/13 at the work reunion




Cyndy gets pinned 12/15/2016
12/15 at the pinning ceremony celebrations