Liles' Family Christmas 2015

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~Mary Ellen Chase

On Our Way Back From Dinner With The Liles'...

Amy, Joe, Charlie, and Alex took us out for Paul's "Birthday Dinner" and we had a great time.  Special time when we are with family!

We decided to drop by Patty's Place before going home and on the way home we decided to take a twenty minute detour and look at the lights!

As Paul's dad used to say..... "It's colder than a well diggers butt!"

We had no idea that wild critters came out at night!

Santa seemed like he was everywhere!

Frosty was out also!

Laser projections are really catching on!

Up and over

More wild animals

Now that there is a snow globe!

Santa guards the tree!

They are coming this way!

Just beautiful!

Nice neighborhood.... The packages are still there!

He is off to the races!

These icecicles dripped!

Their tree had to be cose to sixteen feet tall!

Hints of red!

Baby it's cold outside

Santa just got clearance to take off!

The upstairs tree!

"You go home now! I am going inside where it is warm!