Christmas 2008

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home

Events Versus Stuff

Sue and Paul decided several years ago that giving "stuff" at Christmas was getting old, wasteful, and filling closets with ugly lamps!  We have also retired meaning we need to make our expenditures really count!  So, we decided to give "events" to our family and friends... that is, go to places, see new things, be together as a family and build memories.  We formalized it for the past couple of years with our Christmas Letter:

Dear Family and Friends,

This year has brought many changes to our lives. As you know, we retired from Boeing in March and have been making a number of adjustments to our life style. We play golf more, we sleep more, and we worry a lot less; generally, we are much, much happier.

However, we are living on a smaller income that we did in the past so that means we need to make choices. One of the budgetary areas we have to consider is the holidays.

In the past we have enjoyed many holiday activities with everyone including gift giving. This year we are planning to continue to enjoy the traditional holiday activities and events with all of you but we are not planning on gift giving and would like to make sure you don’t plan on gifts for us.

We felt we needed to make a choice between the activities and the gifts and we prefer the activities.

We hope we have warned you early enough so that you “early birds” have not already started shopping. We love all of you and are looking forward to a wonderful holiday season.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Love, Paul and Sue 

So For 2008, We Did The Following Theater Events

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