Christmas 2008

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home
God Bless Our Service People Wherever They May Be!

A Day Without Golf Is Like A Day....

We always play and Christmas time is no different...  We had a rainy few days so we had to keep the cart on the sidewalk but that means exercise.  Sue was so tired one evening we cancelled dancing and stayed home and jumped in the hot tub!

Christmas Golf
Snow on the mountains 65 miles away!

Christmas season golf 2008
The water level was pretty high after a few inches on rain

Christmas season golf 2008
Construction is underway in rain sleet or hail!

Christmas season golf 2008
The supervisor arrives

Christmas season golf 2008
Saddleback in the distance had snow on it

Saddleback, sometimes called Old Saddleback or the Saddleback Mountains, is the landmark formed by the two highest peaks in the Santa Ana Mountains and the ridge between them. This formation, which resembles a saddle when viewed from most of Orange County, California, dominates the county's eastern skyline, and on the clearest days can be seen from most of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Santiago Peak is the highest peak in the range and the highest point in the county at 5,687 feet (1,733 m). Modjeska Peak is the second highest at 5,496 feet (1,675 m). The two peaks form part of the border between Orange and Riverside Counties.

Saddleback without snow
As seen from the Bolsa Chica Wild Life Refuge

Christmas season golf 2008
Notice how high the water was yesterday in the storm... That's about three feet!

James Sent Pictures Of Lulu

Lulu enjoyed her ride along PCH with her daddy!

Lulu and her brother await James' arrival so they can get scratched!