Bless Our Military This Christmas 2007

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home

They Saved The World; Let Us Not Forget!

Christmas Decorating

God Bless Our Men And Women Serving Our Country!

Bless Our Military With this season our family wishes all of the best to the soldiers and their families who are fighting to be able to keep the American way of life.

May the Dimmocrats wake up, toss out their lunatic fringe elements and join the American public in assuring the war is won with dignity and bring our troops home with a strong Iraq that will stand up in the face of the Muslim fringe elements.

It's easy to run but not easy to go the distance for a cause that we have seen before in our lifetimes.

Remember Hitler and the rest of the lunatic fringe...  that's exactly what we are facing at this time in our history and by the grace of God we have the will to put a stop to it now before it spreads like the plague throughout the world!

God Bless the United States, it's leadership, and our men and women serving our country!