Liles' Family Best Of Christmas 2014

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~Mary Ellen Chase

We Had A Busy December.... (Details)

Just a few memories of Christmas 2014...

We a;ways begin at Roger's Gardens...

At Disneyland 11/26/2015
Paul broke his thumb in a traffic accident and asked for "pink"

November 28th Feuerzangenbowle  at the Thedens

November 28th Feuerzangenbowle  at the Thedens

Hot time in the old town tonight

At Bob and Donna for the "In and Out" Party!

The party continues!

Cerritos has the Irish Christmas musical

Celebrating Robin's birthday at Disneyland!

Off to Disneyland to celebrate

Just us!

Dinner before the Christmas Carol

Stand up!

Just us!

Yeah Yeah the gang;s all here!

At Topper's Mistletoe Ball

The Santa Brunch

Decembert 8th at Huntington Library

Handsome devil!

High Tea.... We do it!

Mistletoe Ball with the Topper's

The annual Christmas Play

Our family!

At The Grinch om December 14th

Old Ranch om the 15th

Paul turns 70!

"That's  only 50 in metric!"


Robin and Bob

Birthdays are special

December 16th - Naples Walk

December 17th at Knotts Berry Farm

Lunch at Knott's

Dancing at GG Elks December 19th

Old Ranch gold on the 19th

Big smiles

Yes... It was cold!

December 20th

The Christmas Ball at Santa Ana December 20th

December 21st Battle Sail

December 21st on the Tall Ships

We are about to go sailing!

December 22 at the Mission Inn

December 22nd at Temecula

Temecula champagne tasting

Sue's 51st year

December 25th Christmas Dinner

Christmas Day!

David and Greg on Christmas Day

Christmas evening with Luisa and Mitch

Grandson Zack


December 26th in San Jose

Visiting family

Sisters...  Sisters

December 27th... On our way home

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