Did Anyone Say Wine In June 2002???

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.  ~George Santayana

Off To Temecula For A Day Of Wine Tasting

Temecula We decided to spend a day looking at Temecula and the various wineries in the area.

Temecula is north of San Diego (on I-15) and is an interesting area.  The wine country is fairly new and the town is entirely new!  Its current population is around 60,000 and it is damn near impossible to find anything that isn't new.  The town has just sprung out of nowhere.

It turned out to be a lot of fun although we learned about making reservations ahead of time!

We spent the better part of the day looking around and sampling and buying interesting wines and champagnes.

What is really interesting about the Temecula wine country (and any other area in the desert southwest) is the dry arid areas all around and then you turn around and someone has watered and watered and watered the greenest patch of grass and brilliantly colored flowers you've ever seen.

Temecula is far enough off the coast that it is in the desert area of Southern California; however, a "mountain" pass still allows cooler air from the coast to bring moderate temps and a bit of moisture into the area.  The conditions created are perfect for grape growing.

The Vist Was Fantastic

Someone is a character!
Someone is clowning around and is isn't Paul

It protects the bald spot
Paul enjoying the scenery

Nice Day!

Wilson Creek Winery
Wineries were neat to visit!

The Wine Was Great!

It was a nice warm California day!
Winery Exercise!

Wine whizzards cosulting
What shall we drink first??

Beautiful foreground and background!