LunchAnd A Visit To The Park September 2011

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.  ~George Santayana

Preveza Here We Come

The Park Was Beautiful Today Even With Our "Cold Snap"

Franklyn just slid off the slide

Ah... A mud hole... All a boy needs

"Look... I am faster than light"

"Mom... I have a few rules"

A ball... Life is now complete

"I am going to the basement"

"Look what I found in the basement"

Stretching exercises

"Mom.... How's about a little one-on-one?"

Do you see who is on the slide???

Here comes Theo

Mom gets a workout

Going out for the pass....

"This will not hurt a bit"

Did We Say Mud???

See the little puddle of water????

It is now much smaller

Whos foot prints are in the mud... Theo???

Dad and Grandma discuss the activities underway

Ah... He rediscovered the mud hole

"I see it"



A magnificent day...

"I think I will get dirty"

"It's working"

"...and the washing machine overflowed"

Come back SOON!