The Adams Family

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.  ~George Santayana

Michele, Franklin, and Theo Adams

Moving Day Hi! We are the Adams Family (No, not the TV folks!). We live in Los Angeles with Theodore or Theo for short. Dad works in the medical industry and mommy takes care of me all the time. Come visit our pages!

We just moved to Beverlywood, California, which is up in the West Los Angeles area. See our moving day! After we moved in, Mom and Dad had a shower for me (and I wasn't even dirty yet!). 

Mom and Dad like wine so they went to Temecula with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul before I was born! Mom didn't drink when I was "in work".

Theo Is An Angel

See my first birthday pictures where I was again an angel!

Theo's First Birthday Bash
The wrapping was a good as the toy inside

Graduations ; Mom Is A Doctor!!

Commencement Mom worked real hard and got her Ph.D. The graduation and celebrations and party afterward must have been a blast! in something I can't pronounce... You will have to ask her! 

Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated Ph.D. (American English) or PhD (British English) for the Latin Philosophiæ Doctor, meaning "teacher of philosophy", (or, more rarely, D.Phil., for the equivalent Doctor Philosophiæ) is an advanced academic degree. In the English-speaking world it has become the most common denomination for a research doctorate and applies to graduates in a wide array of disciplines in the sciences and humanities. The Ph.D. has become a requirement for a career as a university professor or researcher in many fields.