9/11/2001; A Day Of Infamy   

Never Forget   

Thoughts About This Day

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The American Eagle

I'm no writer but these events have sickened me and my family. How can innocents be attacked... and in the name of a God!  We are dealing with sick, barbaric, demented, cowardly un-human people belong in hell along with Hitler. Mussolini, and Tojo!

There is something about a sleeping tiger which the Japanese war machine found out about.. Guess what Mr. Terrorist, you have awakened him again! I would not want to be in your shoes!

We won't be lulled into a the false sense of security again. What makes our cause so great?  We embrace all kinds of colors, creeds, shapes, sizes, and persuasions.

We have FREEDOM! Hating Islam and all of its followers for the actions of its terrorist radicals is like hating Christianity and all the Germans for the actions of Hitler.

Either way, it ain't right. You're better than that. Educate yourself. Ignorance is NOT bliss -- it's embarrassing and counter-productive.

Why am I spending my time sharing these insights with you? Because I want to make sure you don't say, write, or do something that you'll regret in a month, year, or decade from now.

Enduring Freedom